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Immersed in an extraordinary naturalistic place, Resort 37 is a corner of paradise complete with all the services for your Relaxation, Fun and Sport.
A perfect place for families looking for an exclusive holiday, for couples, but also for those traveling alone or with friends.

You can relax in our beautiful infinity pool, taste traditional Tuscan dishes in our "Al Pruno" restaurant and enjoy the many exclusive services dedicated to guests, to spend an unforgettable holiday in the heart of Tuscany.
The magical and charming atmosphere of the place ensures guests a comfortable and relaxed stay.

The Resort is located southeast of Florence, on the hills overlooking the Arno valley, a unique and picturesque land.


Il Pruno estate has a Centuries-old history and appears as early as 1303 among the properties of Lapo di Valore Ciurianni. In the Fifteenth Century became a land owned by the Abbey of Vallombrosa.
Then the estate passed into the hands of Canigiani family until 1581, when Francesco Canigiani's Monna Dianora sold it to the "Spedale" of Santa Maria Nuova in Florence. The Pruno Villa then became a home for settlers.

Today Il Pruno, a typical tuscan estate, is the heart of Resort 37, thanks also to the expansion of the old agricultural annexes where the rooms and Suites was built.
The works were completed in the early 2019.
The Resort 37 architectural project was developed and implemented with zero environmental impact in order to preserve the characteristics of the landscape.


Resort 37 stands on top of a hill overlooking the Upper Valdarno valley: a large natural basin, closed to the North East by the Pratomagno massif and bordered to the South West by the Chianti hills.
The Upper Valdarno presents multiple landscapes: alpine and solitary on the high slopes of Pratomagno, bumpy by picturesque phenomena of clayey erosion at the foot of the same dorsal through the "Balze", consisting of sands, clays and gravel stratified, up to a hundred meters high, of diversified shapes, interspersed by deep gorgestha. "Le Balze" were also studied by Leonardo da Vinci and which from, it seems, he took inspiration for the Mona Lisa's background.

The Resort 37 project was developed and implemented with a zero environmental impact in order to preserve the natural resources of the area.



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